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Getting pregnant really shows who your true friends are. I’ve lost every single ‘friend’ I had, since becoming pregnant. They’re suddenly too busy to hang out, or even reply to a text. It’s like they never even knew me. That’s why I really wish I knew more girls who were mommies, or mommies to be, so I could be be good friends with them.

That’s okay though, when my little man is here he’ll be my best friend, & the only one I need. <3 <3 <3

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how many chainz could 2 chainz chain if 2 chainz could chain chainz

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  • America: 12 people died in Colorado.
  • Everyone: OMG that's so sad, forever reblog, so tragic, they didn't deserve it, we should make this trend on Twitter<3, etc...
  • Burma: 25,000 died because of genocide.
  • Everyone:
  • Africa: Millions are dying.
  • Everyone:
  • Afghanistan: Thousands of people are dying because of the war.
  • Everyone:
  • India: Sikhs and other minorities suppressed and killed by the Indian Government on a daily basis
  • Everyone:

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